City of Gradignan


Gradignan city (00°36’56’’ Western longitude and 44°46’21’’ Northern latitude) is located on the second outer-urban crown of the urban area of Bordeaux, in the southwest, in limit of the territory of the Urban Community(District) of Bordeaux to which it belongs.

Of an average height of 26 meters, the municipality extends over 1.577 hectares (that is 15,77km ²) among which 432 hectares are in wooded green spaces (public and private gathered). It is crossed in scarf from west to east on 6 km by the not state-owned river the Water Blunder and from north to south by the RD 10-10 (eg. National 10).

Lined in the North and on the West by the motorway axes that are the bypass and the highway A63 and benefiting from three heat exchangers, it enjoys a readable and easy (readable and well-to-do, legible and easy legible and well-to-do) road access without undergoing excessively the nuisances engendered by these infrastructures.

So relegating on its circumference these necessary road equipments but to the thankless neighborhood, it offers, harmoniously distributed on its territory, 19 municipal parks which cover 203 hectares, that is about 100 m ² per capita of wooded green spaces opened to the public (against 20m² on average for the whole Urban Community of Bordeaux). Their situation is such as every inhabitant completely of the refreshed municipality unless 500 meters of its house, a municipal natural space.

This main and very remarkable advantage for an urban district strengthens its image of city green, peaceful and aerated thanks to which it is easily considered as exact realization of Alphonse Allais’s joke when he recommended the construction of cities in the campaign.

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