27 October – 3 November


Welcome : On october  registration of delegations will be held at the Welcome Office located salle Loustalot nearby the Tennis Club in Gradignan. Club House’s phone number : +33 (0)5 56 89 09 81 Tournament’s phone number on October 23th : +33 (0)5 47 29 13 65 and +33 (0) 762 12 4761 Administrative address : Gradignan Tennis Club, Ermitage Park, 39 rue Loustalot 33170 Gradignan

Registration :

– Head of delegations will present players at the referee’s office and hand player’s licence, IPIN code, identity and medical documents. Fee for participation: 45.00 €

– A welcome and information’s file will be handed to each delegation including a badge for each individual of recognized (leagues and national) delegations. The badge will certify to the referee that the player has been duly registered and met all requirements. The badge will also be used for lunch and diner at the Club House and for room at hotel.

Accommodations :

The tournament organizing committee will organize the terms of room reservations in partner hotels within a radius of 3 km around the Gradignan Tennis Club, only to teams official French leagues engaged in skills and the main tables and, for the national Federation teams selected for the foreign-list Acceptance (OA) of the Main draw.

– To enable us to book the rooms in good conditions, it is asked officials leagues (CTR) engaging players for qualifying for the main tables and send us the registration form duly completed .

– Depending on the number of rooms booked, it will be sent to each league a confirmation letter and a request for payment of the deposit corresponding to the number of participants.

– Any room released after 11 am will be charged to the league. Booking arrangements for the accommodation of male and female players registered individual will not be considered by the tournament organization, to demand a list of hotels and meals at prices practiced in the club house of the Gradignan Tennis Club could be submitted.

Lunch and Dinner :

– Lunch and dinner will be served at the Tennis Club of Gradignan Club House, lunch from 11.30AM to 02.30PM, dinner from 06.30PM to 09.30PM.

– Each individual badge has to be shown before eating. If for any reason you do not have lunch or dinner at the Club House, you should inform the Welcome Office or the Club House Manager in due time ( late afternoon for lunch or morning for dinner ) otherwise meal will be invoiced.

Transportation :

– On arrival shuttle may be organized from Bordeaux railroad station or Bordeaux Merignac Airport to the Tennis Club of Gradignan. Same service could be performed on departure. Shuttle will be organized per day from Hotel to playing ground TC Gradignan, TC Villenave d’Ornon or others. Timetable will be given on arrival.

– Priority for transportation will always be given to players first.

– The tournament being performed on several sites it is advised to have your own transportation means. Rental at airport or railway’s station are convenient. Shuttle from Hotels to salle Loustalot at 7.00AM, 7.30AM and 8.00AM. Return to Hotels after the Diner.

Competition :

  • 27 and 28 October: , Single Qualifying Draw, girls and boys. 

29 October – 3 November, Single Main Draw, girls and boys. 

29 October – 2 November, Doubles Draw, girls and boys, 16 teams each, registration monday October 29th before noon. 

29 October – 2 November, Complementary Draw, girls and boys (optional).

Salle Loustalot, the tournament’s Board invites you to a cocktail party.

Special party will be organized at the Club House of the Tennis Club de Gradignan for all delegations. Present will be remitted.

– Activities for children will be organized outside salle Loustalot by qualified personnel ( BAFA certified ) with baby foot tournament, tennis table, games and other activities.

– Ceremony of Trophies will be held after Finals.

– November 1rd a friendly drink will close the Openbenjamins after the Ceremony of Trophies

Practice :

– Reservation for training’s court may be done after 6.00PM for following day or at least 2 hours before training if available. Court may be shared with other delegation. For reservation from 07.30AM to 08.45AM priority will be for players playing the first two draws in the morning. Court must be cleaned after playing.

Wifi :

– The Tennis Club de Gradignan lets at your disposal a WiFi connection. Please ask infos the welcome office. ID card   is required and connection has to fulfil rule 6-1 2 from the law n°2004-575 on confidence on numerical economy (LCEN). Rule 34-1 states that “ data must be recorded and at disposal if needed and requested by the judiciary authority …..”

Medical :

– On request medic or physio could be present on site…( re: Tennis Europe rule on 3 rd category tournament)

Particularity of the tournament: in the context of their training students in a school supervised by a physiotherapist will refer on the site of the tournament.