Regulation & Rules of Tournament


From Wednesday, October 24 to Saturday, November 3, 2018

Tennis Europe Tournament & Perrier National Trophy

Regulation & Rules of 2018 Tournament

  Tournament :  

  • Single Draw for Girls and single draw for Boys under 13. Matches will be played in 2 win sets with tie break in each set (see umpiring)
  • Category (Age) : The tournament is only open to players born in Year 2006 et 2007 with  
  • Federation.
  • Entry :  Enrolments are registered thru Tennis Europe. Each foreign federation or league of the French Tennis Federation can register their 2 best players (2 best girls and 2 best boys) in the Tournament in categories.
  • Registration must be made from Tuesday, October 16, 2018 before 2 PM
  • A registration sheet ( model attached ) shall be send to the Tennis Club of Gradignan

In order to well organize the venue of the players and their followers. This sheet has to be received before Tuesday, October 16, 2018 before 2 PM

  •  Qualification Draws:  Draws are limited to 48 girls and 48 boys and will register foreign players and french players enrolled by their federation. Those draws are not the Tennis Europe Tournament itself but are part of the Perrier National Trophy. French players must have a ranking from 15/3 to 15/2 for boys, from 15/3 to 15 for Girls. Registration being closed by Tennis Europe on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 before 2 PM

Draws will be made with the new 2018 ranking issued Tuesday, October 16, 2018 before 2 PM. Girls and boys players  for the qualifications draw of Wednesday 24 to Friday, October 26, 2018 will be qualified by the Tournament’s Committee. Priority, if necessary, will be given to the players of the french leagues and foreign federations “IPIN card” is recommended but anyway will be required before Thursday October 20th at last.

Finally, 6 boys and 6 girls will enter their corresponding Main Draw. Confirmation of enrollment in the qualification draws will be made before Tuesday, October 16, 2018 before 2 PM To the technical managers of the foreign delegations and the French leagues.

  • Main Draws : Main Draws will accept 48 boys and 48 girls, foreign players included, and “IPIN card” is mandatory. Once registered on Tennis Europe, from Monday, October 18th the selection in the Acceptance List will be done:

– by the National Board of the FFT for the 14 french girls and the 14 french boys players. – by the Tournament’s Comittee for the 24 foreign girls and 24 foreign boys registered by their national federations. – Wild cards will be given to the 8 girls and 8 boys issued from the qualification draws of Wednesday 24 to Friday, October 26, 2018.

  • Double Draws: Will accept only 24 girls and 24 boys playing also in the Single Main Draws. Registration will be closed at noon on :en_main_draw_double: and playing could start the same day at 03.00PM. Matches will be played in 2 win sets. In case of equality the 3rd set will be played by  super tie break ,  NOAD will be applied in each game if deuce.
  • ·  Complementary Draws : Players defeated on 1st match of Main Draws will have opportunity to attend the complementary competition. They have to enrol at umpiring office just after they have been eliminated.  Matches will be played in 2 win sets. In case of equality the 3rd set will be played with super tie break.  NOAD will be applied in each game if deuce.

In the event of absolute necessity, matches of Complementary Draw may be cancelled

  • Advancement : The tournament is a direct elimination competition on a total duration of 8 days (2 days for qualifications and 6 days for main draw) .
  • Surface : Matches of OPENBENJAMINS Main Draws will be played  on clay (indoor or outdoor). Qualifications and complementary competition will be played on clay or other available surface depending on weather conditions.
  • Balls : balls for all matches are   « Tecnifibre»



 Umpiring :

  • Referee (white badge): Marion STEFANI  et Nicolas PEIGNE
  • Assistant Referees : Robert Lombardo et Michel Totaro
  •  Referees for qualifications  : Robert Lombardo et Michel Totaro
  • In the Main Draw and Qualification Draw, matches will be played in 2 win sets with tie break at the end of each set.
  • All matches of the Main Draws will be umpired by young umpires.
  • Players will have to show to the referee 30 minutes before the match
  • Coaching  is forbidden during matches.
  • A delegate referee will be on each site of competition.
    •  The only Official schedule for matches is the time mentioned on Competition Draw at the Organization Committee Office. Please have a look at the Main Draw Planning.
    • All matches will be played with “tecnifibre” balls.


  • All players must show on the Welcome Office in salle Loustalot to ratify their participation to the

tournament : – Sunday October 23 th 2016 before 06.00PM for the main draws -Thursday October 21th 2016 before 06.00pm for the qualification draws – Monday October 24 th 2016 for the doubles draws..

  • Complementary draws are open only to the losers of their first match in the main draws.
  • Drawing will be done on the center court of the salle Loustalot Sunday October 28th around

06.30 PM.

  • National official delegations and delegations of the French leagues will be housed in

hotels near the Tennis Club of Gradignan and meals (lunch and dinner) will be served at the restaurant of the club house.

  • The Tennis Club of Gradignan will provide transportation shuttle for travel accommodation, clubs, workouts, competitions, to the extent possible but it is advised that delegations would travel with their own vehicles.
  • The award’s ceremony is scheduled after the final’s  singles, Saturday october 29th  2016.
  • Welcome Parties will be held Thursday October 21  at  07.00 PM and Sunday October 23th  2016
  • at the Club House of salle Loustalot with referees and heads of delegations at 07.30PM.
  • All matters relating to the sport of competition will be the responsibility of the referee or, if needed, of assistant referees.

In case of absolute necessity, the Steering Committee of the tournament, on  proposal of the Referee   reserve the possibility of modifying the organization of the meetings  and/or of programming exceptionally certain meetings on ground hard. 3. Teams  Ranking : Federations or leagues attending OPENBENJAMIN will be ranked according to the results in Main Draw, Complementary Draw and Double Draw:

  • Main Draw : 20 points for each match won,
  •  Bonus for winner : 30 points,
  • Bonus for finalist : 20 points,
  •  Bonus for 1/2 finalist : 10 points.
  •  Double Draw : 5 points for each match won.
  •   Bonus for winner : 15 points,
  • Bonus for finalist : 10 points,
  • Bonus for 1/2 finalist : 10 points.
  •  Complementary Draw : 5 points for each match won.
  • Bonus for winner : 15 points,
  • Bonus for finalist : 10 points,
  • Bonus for 1/2 finalist : 5 points.

In case of equality, the number of matches won, sets won ad games won will decide between federations. If still equality  the committee will do a toss.